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Ep.18 - The Ultimate CONEY ISLAND HOT DOGS recipe!

BIG SHOUT OUT to our friends at Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit Michigan!

Plump all-beef hot dogs nestled in warmed buns, covered in a silky chili sauce and topped with onion and mustard – there’s nothing quite like CONEY ISLAND HOT DOGS!

I first tried CONEY ISLAND HOT DOGS in DETROIT, MICHIGAN. I was in my teens and had just discovered this incredible city thanks to my dear and treasured friend Cheryl Bouzide (aka Shirley, aka Shirley-whurly-burly!). Cheryl and I were working at her dad’s restaurant and would head over to Detroit between the lunch and dinner shifts. We’d hit Greektown, a few vintage stores, and then one of our favourite restaurants. Hanging out with Cheryl was – and still is – pretty sweet.
I think everyone should plan a trip to DETROIT to witness the remarkable transformation taking place. The city is going through an inspiring renaissance, and in the midst of it all my absolute favourite diner, LAFAYETTE CONEY ISLAND still stands proud – serving up their famous good eats. They’ve been making their real deal CONEY ISLAND HOT DOGS since the early 1900’s.
For those who can’t make it to Detroit, I thought we’d bring the taste to you. I tracked down the recipe and wanted to share it. Here’s what I learned:
1) CHILI SAUCE – The recipe will produce a very generous quantity of this delicious sauce. Don’t be shy when you spoon it onto your hot dogs – CONEY ISLANDS are meant to be messy. To keep for future use, you can freeze the sauce for up to three months.
2) HOT DOGS – We had a big discussion about making a few veggie dogs but decided against it. You have to use all-beef hot dogs when you prepare this. Kosher hot dogs such as Nathan’s Famous are especially delicious.
3) TOPPERS – A few weeks back, we served these dogs to a group of friends. One guest was adamant about not wanting the chopped onion. I begged him to try the dog as they’re meant to be, and he agreed to try one bite. He ended up eating three hot dogs. The onion and prepared mustard are essential.
Trust me on this, these CONEY ISLAND HOT DOGS are like nothing else you’ve ever tried. Prepare them for a fun-loving – and hungry – crowd that appreciates good food. Everyone will love them!
Deliciously messy, these CONEY ISLAND HOT DOGS are quite simply the best! Ask for one, enjoy a second, and stop counting after three!

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